Making Your Companion Mad is Expensive — 11 Comments

  1. On the story/companion questlines, playing against the personality of my character is a bit fun-draining for me, so I take the hit. The worst: -3k affection with Skadge on the BH questline for being honorable.

    I liked that being honorable was “costly” (ditto for being super-villainy on the inquisitor). But the penalty for shutting down romantic advances felt… icky.

    I’ll say anything on a daily, though.

    • Seriously, if I made them mad on the dailies, I’d be so broke. I’ve memorized the responses that give me the -2 of shame (which I don’t really understand WHY) and avoid them. I don’t care about gains because they’re all at 10k but I’ll be damned if I LOSE affection on a daily.

  2. Lol, that is exactly the problem I had with Iresso too. 😛

    I generally try to not piss my companions off if I can avoid it, but that’s more an extension of my perpetual urge to get along with absolutely everyone (including pixellated computer characters). I won’t go completely against my character’s personality just for the sake of affection points though.

    Cost on the other hand doesn’t really factor into it as I never buy gifts from a vendor or the GTN, and I don’t keep track of how much I invested into the ones I end up getting from missions. I just hand them over as I get them, and max out affection whenever I happen to get there.

    • Seriously, I just could NOT piss off Corso. Something about the sad farm boy. I have vowed that if I ever level a gunslinger, she will run with a different companion to the extent possible and sleep with all the mens. Stupid goody Corso.

  3. Lol I would kill to have just -100 affection. I’ve been playing a light side bounty hunter, and the last class quest can give my houk companion -1k affection per convo choice >.< a bit insane considering that most light side choices do not agree with him.

    • I didn’t understand how one of my friends had -500 affection with Scourge. Then I got Scourge myself and the losses are HUGE. I had to keep him back on the ship because everything displeased him to the tune of -250 or so.

  4. You could just hit ESC once you see a negative reaction from your companion, and start all over again. Or just don’t have companions out when picking up/turning in quests.

    • I tried the “don’t have companion out” thing and it totally backfired on me when the conversation ended and the NPC shot my face off. You never know when you’ll enter a surprise battle.

  5. I’m so cheap I always end up mashing ESC if I get even just -1 (because I take it to mean I missed the option that would have given me +love).

    • I very rarely hit escape, mostly because I’m in a hurry and don’t want to redo the conversation, even WITH spacebars. Also if you’re questing with a friend and you keep hitting escape, your friend might murder you.

  6. My Sith characters are evil so they lie to get their way with the companions. But I am running into issues w/my Republic characters. I am going to be in the SWTOR poorhouse methinks…

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