Legacy Of Idiots — 5 Comments

  1. They have mentioned consideration for adding missions that were several hours long so that people could send minions out on, for example, 8 hour missions to collect things while they were at work or asleep.

    Something like that wouldn’t be too bad either. Or something like setting up a queue of missions like they do a crafting queue. Instead of running one mission that lasts 30 minutes, you queue up 5 missions that take 30-60 minutes each.

    I would definitely like an alternative to the current model of have to relog repeatedly.

  2. Oh my goodness, yes please! Something to reduce the amount of character swapping to get crafting missions running would be a huge quality of life improvement for me. Whether a legacy perk, mobile app, or just the ability to queue multiple missions on one companion…

    Added bonus: I’d be way less guild spammy as I swap characters.

  3. @psynister:
    I hadn’t seen a reference to something like that, but either the queue or the long mission for a bunch of items would be fantastic. As would the promised mobile app.

    I’m not usually much of a crafter in games, but it’s worse for me in Swtor because of the time and expense. If I’m in a crafting mood, I can’t just login and work on things. That delay is killer. I wish there was a “I’m doing the crafting personally, make the time shorter” mode to go into.

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