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  1. Thanks for pointing out that Blogger requires users to sign-in to post comments. And enables CAPTCHA. Good thing to know that my blog was welcoming as Fort Knox.

  2. An FYI, I tend not to sub to posts on wordpress since it requires extra steps to get emailed about additional comments. I don’t know if that’s just “all wordpress” or if it’s an option people can change. If any wordpress users or commenters can confirm/deny, that’d be useful. Till then I’ll just keep refreshing articles after I comment to see if there are new ones 🙂 Side note, I like how the content stealer suggested you avoid content stealing by truncating your feed. Like YOU are the one that did something stupid/unethical. Feel free to post the identity/url so folks can make sure they avoid that site/guy.

  3. You give the best advice! I’m not a newbie but I was reminded only the other day that I needed an About Page for my SWTOR blog, and this post in turn reminded me that I had forgotten to include alternative contact information on it. Oops!

    The thing about making it easy to comment is so true. CAPTCHAs and stuff are useful if you’re a real blogging bigwig, but if you’re a smaller blog like mine, it’s really completely unnecessary. I’ve had CAPTCHAs off forever and allow completely anonymous commenting and still receive only an absolutely minimal amount of spam and trolling (like, a couple of comments a year).

    Also, very true about the ads. I followed a link to one of the NBI blogs because the author left some very thoughtful comments all over the place, but his own blog was absolutely plastered with ads. I don’t mind one here or there, but on this blog they were at the top of the page, at the bottom of the page, and pretty much in-between every two blocks of text. I actually found it too much hard work to even figure out which of his links led to content and which ones were just more ads. >.< A real shame!

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