Synthweaving and Storage Space — 5 Comments

  1. Let’s not ignore those of us who like to twink low level characters for sub-50 PvP. Those low level purple augments you just shunned are highly sought after by the twink crowd. Whether or not you have a twink presence on your server is of course a deciding factor, but for those of us who do have twink populations we’re keeping blue and purple mats of every level.

    • Good point. I primarily craft for guildies, and they don’t PVP. However, if one of them did want to twink an alt, I’d probably start farming the crap out of the relevant level missions to get my crafting house in order.

  2. On the plus side, if your server is anything like mine…you’ll be one of two synthweavers around.

    Thankfully, since you use ALL the mats, that third cargo hold can serve as a great dumping ground for whatever crafting skill you decide to level on any alts you have. It’s a cargo hold is half full perspective!

  3. I didn’t know you could get multiple tabs in that… Eve Online has taught me to not carry much stuff around with me. In that game, too much stuff can be a massive hinderance, and if you ever need it later you can just buy it again, so I have empty bags and not much in my hold. Didn’t even know it could get tabs.

    • You can buy extra storage slots in your backpack (the first row is 5k, which is totally worth it, 2nd is 20k, and so on). And you can get up to 3 tabs on your cargo hold. I found this out because I bought the third (with help from a guildie benefactor) and there are no more options to buy another. I think getting the first extra cargo hold tab is 20k or 50k. Something that, in my opinion, is necessary if you plan to craft seriously, and it’s not OVERLY expensive.

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