On the Fronts of Robes — 6 Comments

  1. I believe that triangle is known as the “Light-Side Crotch Shield.” Just so you know. Because knowing is half the battle.

    Having more ammunition is the other half.

    • I am seriously bemoaning the inability to wear imp clothes. I am always bemoaning it, but I’m bemoaning it more today. WTB Sith Dueling Leathers nom nom nom.

      • You know, you can always just switch sides …

        IM JUST SAYIN.

        And not all Imperial clothing is cool. Just most of it. In fact, a lot of it. I should take pics of my Sith Warrior so you can see his freakishly awesome helmet and well-coordinated wardrobe. It’ll make your knees weak, your heart palpitate, and your soul cry.

        • That kind of flashy flamboyant clothing is unsuitable for the Jedi. After all, there is not passion, there is only the Jedi Codpeace (see what I did there?).

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