Customer Service is Better and Faster — 8 Comments

  1. My latest experiences with customer service were even worse than the first one. I didn’t even get the droid answer !
    But it could very well be that they first improved the english customer service and don’t care improving other langages. Mind you, some 1.2 changes didn’t even make it live on the french client (like, the chance of learning a new recipe with RE in the tooltip)

  2. When I reported a bug the other day I got a pretty quick response too. I’m guessing that activity in the game has dropped off a bit, which bought them some breathing space, and that after all the reports about just how awful their customer service was they did scramble to try to improve it.

  3. It’s not necessarily Bioware ramping up customer service, they’ve just gotten better at it. A brand new department just needs some time to start functioning properly. Have you been in a new restaurant within the first week of opening? So many broken dishes, wrong checks, bad orders, cold food, slow service, you name it.

  4. I got a response in mere moments the other day when a toon of mine got stuck. I couldn’t use the quick travel or fleet pass as I was classified as “moving” so a GM had to log in and summon me back to the fleet. I was quite impressed.

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