Cat Bauer Gets A Makeover — 10 Comments

      • Same here. The whole Panthro vibe is pretty cool. He’s still an insufferable douchenozzle who needs to be shoved out of an airlock, but at least he’s got his Thundercats look going on.

        • Great use of the term douchenozzle. I always forget about that one 😛

          Personally, even if I were not a cat hater, and a dude, I’d rate him as one of the least BSOCKable persons in SWTOR, just above Qyzen and Khem Vhal. I’d rather do the nasty with Gus Tuna. At least I’m not allergic to him XD

        • lol, the guy I play with said the same thing when I was going thru the trooper story, thought he needed to be shoved out the airlock.

          • There are so many companions who piss me off, if I could toss em out the airlock, there would be more companions in space than in my ship.

  1. At some point (maybe 1.2?) they also added 3 customizations to him that you get to choose from when you recruit him on Ord Mantell. One is the infamous bad hair, one is green fur with tiger stripes (that’s the one I picked), and for the life of me I can’t recall the third one. Regular brown/orange with tiger stripes maybe?

    • No wonder I’ve been seeing all these stripey cats around! I didn’t get no stinkin freebie customization kit. (Grumble).

  2. Wait… you can turn him into Panthro OR Battlecat?!

    And I get no retroactive freebie? What the hell game? Now I’ve got to searching about.

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