DPS Failing and Troubleshooting — 9 Comments

  1. May not be your spec … if you have any abilities that provide any sort of boon to other players in the form of damage, healing, or mitigation, you can get the ‘Destiny’ debuff that makes you unable to damage your target for 60 seconds. Make sure you turned off all your AOE abilities and didn’t have a bubble, shield, kolto shell, anything that could be construed as a benefit to anyone else. This happened to us this weekend when the Bounty Hunter fired a kolto missile to heal and I accidentally wandered into range for a split second. He gained the debuff and wound up dying because he couldn’t hurt his mob.

    • Yeah. It is the incidental AOE healing of Zen in Juyo form versus Zen in Ataru form. It’s not something you think about, but it does gimp DPS to not use the ability.

      • Yeah, I totally missed the part where you identified what the problem was. Yay for skimming!

        Although, I’ll just blame this on Mass Effect 3. I’m too busy having crazy sad face to be bothered to read.


  2. I just looked on the official forums, and there is a thread to this effect. One of the solutions is to have the Sentinel in his/her own group, that way, no one else gets healed.

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