Upper Hand: How the Eff Does That Work? — 6 Comments

    • I am a little afraid to snipe, mostly because I cannot imagine doing that many levels without a healer (myself or companion). I suppose it’s possible…

      • Its ok, really. It only took me 32 levels of playing without a healer and I’m not really suffering any long-term effects. The eye-twitch is pretty much gone, but I do tend to spontaneously defecate when approached by groups of 3 or more people. Doctor says that should subside but I shouldn’t really say the words “heroic” or “gold star” without wearing a diaper.

        I think I just pooped myself.

  1. I was lucky enough to pick a blog topic that covers all games. I knew I’d either stop playing WoW or run out of recipes or both! If I hadn’t I would have started a Star Wars blog too.

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