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  1. Female body type 4 isn’t fat, it’s curvaceous 🙂 It’s awesome! I actually am quite enjoying the “screw what you think” aspect of playing a character that doesn’t conform to stereotypical norms.

    • It’s awesome! 2 of the above (Smuggler and Consular) are body type 4. It’s so bizarre too how the body types make the faces look completely different. A face that is attractive at body type 4 looks pinched at body type 1.

      The only thing I dislike about body type 4 is how it looks in heavy armor, and that’s mostly an armor-design-for-females issue than anything else. It just looks wrong over a decent-sized chest. It’s not great on body type 2 either, but I just could NOT make my trooper body type 1. How would a little tiny body type 1 pick up a huge trooper gun? It’s unpossible!

        • Sadly that is a lekku problem too.

          Also, the starter robe for consular is hideous on EVERYONE. When I first spawned in I thought there must be some mistake. Body type 4 looked totally reasonable on my smuggler, but from the back, my consular looked like two pigs wrestling under a blanket. Things improved dramatically when I was able to shed the robe/duster of woe.

  2. I had a guild mate complaining that the Body 2 females had a “fat ass”. I nearly exploded at him.

    Re Jedi Consulars, it gets a loooot better when you pick your Advanced Class. If you go Sage your ranged abilities get extended out to 30 yards, if you go Shadow your melee abilities become more interesting and useful. It does improve. 🙂

  3. Eep, my twi’lek looks almost exactly the same, just uses a different headband I think? And she’s a consular too… wasn’t intended, I swear! 😮

    My main is a bootilicious trooper though. My boyfriend and I love making comments about her backside (in a good way).

    • I had a damn hard time choosing the face because there are about 4 that look almost exactly the same, so maybe they’re the same, maybe they’re not. For complexion, that was easy… I just couldn’t see my twi having eyebrows. Do they even have HAIR?

      I love body type 4, but the giant heavy armor chestplates make me look like I’m about to hit myself in the chin with a boob.

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