Companions and the -1 of Shame — 10 Comments

  1. Oooooo That cursed -1. It actually got me to yell at my computer because Mako gave me a -1 for completing the job I was hired to do. Sorry, dear. They’re paying us to bring back the data no matter what, and if a bunch of twisted unwilling science experiments have to do, thems the breaks.

    • Seriously. You’re a BOUNTY HUNTER. That’s what you do. I was always really miffed when the dark side option was to complete the task for which you were paid, and the task didn’t involve murdering etc.

  2. Mako gave me the dreaded -1 for suggesting that we should kill someone who had a bounty on them, 10 mins after talking about how we didn’t have enough credits to get off the planet. She is just one major guilt trip after another!

    • Seriously, Mako is really disapproving and even her portrait looks disapproving! I don’t know how she can be assistant bounty hunter with that lousy attitude. Bounties are what you DO.

      • Getting on Mako’s good side really is based heavily on the bounty hunter code.

        “Capture by design, Kill when necessary.” – Don’t kill anyone unless you’re paid to specifically kill someone. It’s murder. Murder is bad.

        “Capture or Kill. Never both” – The core of this is that you don’t kill someone after you capture them, or in simpler terms – Don’t kill the defenseless. It’s dishonorable to the hunt.

        It seems that those are big triggers with Mako. She also doesn’t like it when you’re a bloodthirsty person who likes to kill. Bounty Hunting isn’t about killing. It’s about doing the job. If the job involves killing, she usually gives +affection for actually killing them. The only exception to this I’ve seen is on Nar Shadaa when [SPOILERZ CENSORED].

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  4. I noticed Mako is nominated for the worst-pms-companion-award by everybody. I am, and will always be, happy I got Khem Val. He gives me +40 luv when I kill random people and -1 shame the times I accidently press the wrong answer so I sound like I care. I hope Mako get less moody in the future, for your crafting skill sake.

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