About The New SWTOR Mouse — 10 Comments

  1. I was going to get the SWTOR edition but it is just way too pricy. Looking at it the side buttons look smaller than the Naga. I think I’ll pass on all the SWTOR gear. Like you said, my hand will be covering it anyways.

    • The side buttons on the naga are kinda flat and… blend into each other sort of. They come with stickers for the grid so you get used to finding the numbers by feel. The stickers fall off after a while. I never did get used to a totally smooth grid without bumps or stickers so I uh… well you know how some kids stickers are kinda like… fuzzy on top? I cut up Dora’s puppy and stuck the now-square fuzzy stickers to my mouse.

      • Lol nooooo not Dora’s puppy! I just have a Death Adder. For years I’ve thought about getting a Nostomos key pad, but I’m a real Neanderthal when it comes to typing and keyboard stuff. I’m a mouse clicker. By the sounds of it, I would fat finger all the Naga buttons let alone the SWTOR one that looks smaller.

        • OMG I am a total mouse man and the Naga drives me crazy. I can’t imagine a time when I would even want all those buttons. The weirdest thing is the Naga shape. I can’t get my hand comfortable on it. I am always kind of squeezing it or something because even with the sensitivity down, when I click with it, I twitch off to the side enough so that in shooters I miss targets, or blow myself up in Minesweeper. I’m a Logitech MX518 man all the way!

          • Worth mentioning that he and I hold our mouse in totally different ways. I grip it with my fingertips and keep my hand arched over it. The heel of my hand and/or my wrist rests on the padding on my mousepad. If I put my palm down at all, it’s the base of my fingers that’s providing the movement, not the middle or heel of my hand.

            Dorja holds his with his whole palm flat over the body of the mouse and he “drives” it from the heel of his hand and his thumb/pinkie finger (imagine a U shape made of thumb-back of hand-pinkie). Also his hands are a heck of a lot bigger than mine. 😛

            So people looking at a Naga, consider how you hold the mouse. The Naga is pretty small and I hold it far forward. If you’re a person who likes their mouse to fill their whole hand it’s not probably going to make you very happy.

          • Yeah in fact when you are going through a mouse selection guide on Razer, it asks you how you HOLD the mouse. I’m the “hand rest, move with fingertips” type, so a very sensitive mouse is totally fine.

  2. Our cat Bolvar likes to chew expensive cords of small diameter so I always have to go the cordless mouse route. Which leads me to ask if you have any suggestions for a good quality cordless headset by chance?

    • Unfortunately, no. I have a cheapie $12 headset with cord since the more expensive models keep unceremoniously dying on me. There also might be some cat chewing involved.

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