I made an executive decision to quit playing chapters for a while and then do a few back-to-back.  Story flows better that way!  So finally, I got around to meeting up with Vette (yay) and Gault (eew).

Where do I start with Gault?  I seem to remember him wanting to swindle peasants in the BH story and I told him to stuff it.  This was back when we had affection and I took a huge hit, like the -300 of shame.  Totally worth it.

I loved Vette, always, but back in the day, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, Vette was not a healer and did not accompany me in my story.  So sad.

I strongly object to this chapter because there is no Andronikos.  Seriously, he’s a space pirate.  This is totally his thing.


I get back to base one fine day, and Gault is swindling Lana in a game of… something.

Lana accuses Gault of cheating which is roflworthy since she was clearly trying to use her force mojo to read people’s minds regarding their hands.  Tsk tsk.


How dare you cheat better than I cheat?

Don't you feel like an idiot, Lana.

Don’t you feel like an idiot, Lana.

Since I last saw Gault, he’s had plastic surgery to fix his broken horn.  Oh yeah, and his teeth are dark red.  Wut.



I actually have a bounty-hunter conversation with him:

Me: So, did you idiots look for me?

Gault: Um sure.  But then it got pricey cause um you know, and we thought you were dead.  We went our separate ways.

Me: I call bullshit because Torian would never stop looking for me.

Gault: Oh he’s busy doing some Mando-fighting somewhere.


At which point I realize Torian’s in the next chapter and I still have a romance going on with Koth.  Not that he’s done anything about it but still!  The romance exists.  And now I have to face my… I guess still-husband next chapter.  Funsies.

Anyway, it’s time to pillage and plunder, mostly cause an army’s gotta eat.  You can’t argue with that logic.  So off we go to ask-threaten one of Gault’s contacts into helping us.

Don't let them in, it's a trap.

Don’t let them in, it’s a trap.

Predictably, he hates Gault.  Duh.

Which doesn't explain why he's wearing a bra...

Which doesn’t explain why he’s wearing a bra…

After that we double-cross someone… cause it’s Gault.  Double-duh.  But after the double-cross, Gault’s plan goes to double-shit when he can’t turn off the bomb with which he was bluffing.  When the bomb doesn’t in fact explode and it turns out to be a Vette prank, I was disappointed to see that Gault had not peed his pants.  Maybe it was the camera angle or the Teen-rating of the game.

With Vette in tow, we complete the plan – I’m fuzzy on the details but I believe it has something to do with switching from “suck” to “blow”.


They call it an "umbilical" but it totally looks like a dong.

They call it an “umbilical” but it totally looks like a dong.

Along the way, at some points, I have both Gault and Vette following me around.  They are both labeled “your companion” but only one is really controllable and the other just kinda shoots stuff.


Vette gets her hands on an assault cannon and she’s a bit drunk with power.


We get home, money in tow, and Gault gets back together with his woman.  Ew.  Enjoy those gross red teeth.


Overall, a fun heist.  I like heists.  Not looking forward to the painfully awkward reunion with Torian where he files for divorce on the grounds of abandonment and goes after half my ship.  Mandalore is a firm believer in community property.


Chapter 13: I Came, I Saw, I Profited And Plundered — 4 Comments

  1. In re: Gault – I just started this chapter on my “lead” DvL character (Trooper), and he had his “normal ” appearance, broken horn etc. Did you have a customization on him from before?

    • I’ll be damned, I probably did and just forgot about it. Torian retained my customization kit so I suppose that makes sense.