So, yeah, this is my “I’ve been awol here, oops” post.  Mostly because lazy player is lazy (and as a consequence, lazy blogger is lacking in source material.)

I haven’t done Chapter 13 or after.  I figure it will be pretty fun to blow through chapters back-to-back.  No rush.

I have to finish the stupid trooper story.  It’s my last one before I get the shiny yellow icon.  I’m on Corellia and I just have to damn well buckle down and finish.  It’s seriously been months since I created this toon.

If Bioware thinks I’m going to create a new toon for this dark/light crap they can stuff it.  It’s taken me this long to slog through trooper and that’s going to be my last true grind. I bought some level 60 tokens for credits off the GTN to solve that problem.

So what am I doing?  Raiding.  Srs bsns raiding – I mean “ops,” totally ops.  Now, I know, there’s no new content, and that really bugs me – but that’s not the reason I raid.  I get together with a bunch of people and we have fun and laugh.  We talk about bitey kittens and other random stuff.

Because my world centers around the short hours I have to raid weekly, I’m building up sets for my alts so they can raid too.  Hello, lockouts, my old friend.  Also, hello “holy shit I have no mana ever” sorc changes, wtf.  I’m looking seriously at other healing options (and gearing them up).


Unfinished Business Still Unfinished — 5 Comments

  1. Compared to the previous slog of chapters, Chapters XIII onwards are an absolute blast. 🙂

    Good to know you’re still finding opportunities to Raid, and I hope that you find an alternate healing class which is to your liking if it comes to that extreme. The Sorc changes certainly aren’t pleasant, so I don’t think anyone would blame you.