Koth romance. Time to dish the dirt.

I shouldn’t even need to tell you but…


At the end of Chapter 12, after being ignored during Chapters 10 and 11, the “romance” with Koth is still there.  Mostly.  He said nothing, but he wrote a love letter.  And by “love” I mean “whining about his manpain and being needy.”



I am seriously regretting getting involved with this loser.

I also got a thank-you note from my ship droid which was slightly less whiny.  Maybe I should date him.




Ridiculous Men And Where To Find Them — 2 Comments

  1. I’d never thought I’d see the day that the boot-licking Ship Droid is less clingy than a romance option.

    Oh, Koth, you never fail to make us question what you’re doing, just… ever.

  2. I’ve only received this letter once, on my ‘slinger. He’s hoping that when Akaavi finally shows up again she’ll gut Koth with his own goggles.

    At least 2V can cook. Seems like all Koth can do is eat. If only there was a way to set the two of them up…