Little Jedi is questing and I hear:

No, T7, I’m not mad at you but you can’t just run off like that.

Story of my life.  Then:

LJ: T7 gets along with everyone.  Except YOU.  Because you left that lady behind. [This was on Esseles.]

Me: He’s still mad about that?

LJ: T7 never forgets anything.

A droid with a grudge, fabulous.  A little later, she’s riding a taxi:

LJ: Where does T7 ride? I don’t see him.

Thehusband: He’s in the trunk.

LJ: What about Kira.

TH: Also the trunk.

Me: “T7 = awesome / Kira = trunk hog.”

LJ: You two, get along.

Sadly, I will not be hearing Little Jedi’s running commentary on her fabulous questing adventures with T7 since she got her stronghold.  I don’t expect her to emerge from it for at least a week, especially since she now has all my stronghold furniture kits and is buying all the things.

At least her room unlocks are constrained by her cartel coin subscriber allowance.  I’m definitely not buying her more cartel coins since she’s already spending them like candy.  I also don’t want her to know that it’s actually possible to buy more outside the subscriber allotment, or I’ll never hear the end of PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE.

Will provide pictures of said stronghold in the near future.


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