There is a definite downside in being able to work healing miracles – namely that it allows people who fail to get away with failing and continue to fail.  I have been working on my operative’s gear – and been pretty lucky with drops – so now I can save groups that should rightly croak by reason of their own stupidity.

I paired off with a guild tank the other night and queued for a pug.  The DPS totally botched one of the encounters by (among other things) mixing up the kill order.  If it were a month ago when I had less gear, we’d all be dead.  As it was, we pulled through with a little bit of swearing from me.

Since they lived through their stupidity, the following exchange occurred:

DPS 1: I think they nerfed that encounter.

Me: No, I’m just awesome.

DPS 2: I’m pretty sure they nerfed it.

And that is why they will never learn, because I’m facilitating fail.  I’m a fail enabler.  I suppose I could let them die, but then they’d just go “lol, that healer sucked.”

I’m still awesome.


Compensating For Fail — 5 Comments

  1. The eternal struggle of a healer. None of the thanks for success, all of the blame for failure.

    At least you get to know you’re awesome. And anyone who doesn’t recognize the difference between a nerfed encounter and a good healer has no clue what they’re doing – how you can’t notice the mobs are still taking the same amount of damage when you’re DPS is insane. All good DPS players know their damage.

    • “All good DPS”

      There’s your problem right there lol.

      And Njessi, that is the worst. Healers are so under appreciated in PvE. And DPS are usually tools (and I play a Slinger too lol)

      Keep it up!

  2. I read the title and totally thought it was about the double XP Weekend debacle, aka Double XP-gate. LOL!

    Healers have a rough live in PvP too. Everyone loves having healers, but nobody wants to peel for them. And everyone blames them when ‘they’ don’t get healed and die.

  3. There are still some of us old-school ranged nukers out there.

    Unfortunately, we’re seemingly becoming more rare by the day, and the latest abortion known as “Tactical Flashpoints” isn’t helping any.

    (It’s gotten to the point that if I see a certain character-class and/or certain guild-names in my PuGs, then I can only wonder how much this run will cot me in repair-bills.)

    R/DPS –done properly!– for life, though 🙂

  4. Yep. Three times.
    And then some.

    I keep hearing my wife yelling at the screen: “Step out of the puddles”. “Move, you idiot”, and “I should have let them die”. DPS can be pretty oblivious to the dangers they have been facing because the healer just healed through it.