Site Redesign — 4 Comments

  1. Interesting. I think Blogger still allows only two distinct site viewing styles, and I’ve resisted having the blog linked to G+ as well (I kind of want to retain the Redbeard moniker), but I think I’ll have to investigate some sort of middle ground.

    Ah, so your dad as an LG Optimus G Pro? I’ve got one of those, mainly because I’ve got large hands and don’t want to miss the keypad while 2-finger typing.

    • That is an advantage to being self-hosted. I don’t think offers that many options either other than mobile/desktop. Prior to this update, I had a plugin that delivered the mobile site ONLY to phones and gave tablets the regular desktop site – and tablets using the desktop site is totally workable as long as the width will adjust with your browser size (so-called “responsive” themes). I don’t think blogger or the other free services have the ability to distinguish between tablets and other mobile devices – mobile is mobile.

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