Way back when I started this blog in 2011, people generally browsed on a giant desktop or a teeny phone.  Some people had tablets, but not all that many.  So this website, as was the case for most websites at the time, had 2 vastly different themes: the super-flashy desktop version and the spartan phone version.

But times have changed.  In the last few years, my family has gone from a zero-tablet family to a 2-tablet family, one of which is a mini.  My dad got this weird giant phone that is bigger than a standard iphone, but smaller than a mini-tablet.

In short, people are browsing on all different types of devices of all sorts of weird sizes.  This website redesign is not meant to change the look and feel of the site (because it looks very close to how it looked before) but is meant to adapt to all these different device widths and capabilities.

If something isn’t working, let me know (or just comment).


Site Redesign — 4 Comments

  1. Interesting. I think Blogger still allows only two distinct site viewing styles, and I’ve resisted having the blog linked to G+ as well (I kind of want to retain the Redbeard moniker), but I think I’ll have to investigate some sort of middle ground.

    Ah, so your dad as an LG Optimus G Pro? I’ve got one of those, mainly because I’ve got large hands and don’t want to miss the keypad while 2-finger typing.

    • That is an advantage to being self-hosted. I don’t think wordpress.com offers that many options either other than mobile/desktop. Prior to this update, I had a plugin that delivered the mobile site ONLY to phones and gave tablets the regular desktop site – and tablets using the desktop site is totally workable as long as the width will adjust with your browser size (so-called “responsive” themes). I don’t think blogger or the other free services have the ability to distinguish between tablets and other mobile devices – mobile is mobile.

  2. So far it is stable! I was on this site a few hours ago on my Kindle fire HDX and it seems to be running smoothly enough!

    • Wonderful! I did a bunch of css coding myself, and as a non-programmer, that is always dangerous.