As a very slightly cheaper alternative to changing my outfit (requiring re-augmenting), I’m experimenting with changing my outfit dye regularly (which, while pricey, is nowhere near the cost of applying new kits and ripping all my mods).  In order to not feel too terribly guilty when I do these frequent swaps, I’m ferreting out all possible dye recipes, and collecting them in a completionist and anal-retentive manner.  So, while rep doesn’t matter to me in the least for its own sake, finding out there’s a dye kit involved puts me on the bandwagon right quick.

So far, I have accumulated Czerka (black/blue) and Makeb (red/gray) dye recipes in the course of normal doing of dailies.  I do the Oricon (black/red) dailies anyway, so it’s just a matter of time before I get that one too, without any additional effort on my part.

But then there’s still Voss (blue/black) and Section X (red/black).

Fucking Voss. Nothing I need there in terms of gear or commendations plus – it’s fucking Voss.  I was dreading it, but it hasn’t been too bad.  Doing the weekly on one toon gets me 3/4 to cap for the week, and I have no intention of punishing myself on Voss more than once a week.  I can easily solo all the things, although the travel is a bit of a nuisance.  The dye kit is at Champion, not Legend, which will cut a few weeks off my pain.

Now, Section X, I’m hating the hell out of it, but at least I get some basic comms out of it.  I have to do the weekly THREE TIMES to cap rep for the week.  Also, the weekly requires me to find 3 other warm bodies (using *shudder* general chat).  That much socialization with the unwashed masses is making me twitch.  To add insult to injury, I need to get legend status, not just champion.  Boo, I say.

I’ll be able to do really interesting things with gear once I have the complementary sets of blue/black and black/blue, red/black and black/red.  Then, if a particular piece matches weird to chest, I can simply dye it individually the opposite combo.  Sometimes things match to secondary when you’d prefer them to match to primary, and so forth.

Everyone has their stupid projects, right?  For me, I MUST HAVE the dye kits, yet I scratch my head at the people going googoo over Varactyls.


Dying For Dye — 4 Comments

  1. Then, if a particular piece matches weird to chest, I can simply dye it individually the opposite combo.

    That’s exactly what I’ve done with my own gear. 🙂 The helmet matches really weirdly…

  2. Must. Own. All. Varactyls. (Also, you know I’ve been Legend with Section X and had that dye recipe, like, forever, right?)

      • That wasn’t taunting, that was me offering my recipe at your disposal. But sure, I’ll run AC with you, just ask.