I Hate The Voss — 18 Comments

  1. I’d laugh but I’m about to cry at the fact that my Smuggler’s next stop is Voss. Think it will be the class mission only and then I’m gone.

    • My gunslinger just got to Voss. I may not skip the planet story but the bonus series (2!), hell no. Not doing that. Will go back to Hoth for that bonus series if I’m underleveled.

      • I leveled my latest character with the help of the XP boosters you can get from the Cartel Shop. When I reached Voss I was already level 49.

        Me: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I hate Voss

        Then I breezed throug the class quests, and went to Corellia. Best.Decision.Ever.

        • Not like Corellia’s a huge improvement over Voss. It’s my firm belief that the last two planets they designed, they literally threw their hands in there air and said, “I dunno, put some sort of war shit in there. And hell, ghosts too. And throw in Wookiees. Ok, ship this puppy!”

          • …which is why, like Cleeyah, I leveled my most recent toon with XP boosts. By the time I finished Belsavis, Hoth Bonus, and Belsavis Bonus I was 50 and I haven’t set foot on Voss or Corellia with that toon (but now that she’s fully Campaign geared, I might go back just to beat the everliving snot out of a few Voss, that might be amusing.)

  2. A-freakin’-men. I hate the whole Voss culture; they remind me of Apple fanboys, secretly skulking about, acting like their shit doesn’t stink, and thinking they know some ultimate truth about the universe. Here’s the ultimate truth, dickwads … no one cares about Voss or your stupid mystics. We want to exploit your planet like a cheap … well, you know. Now be properly beaten and cow beneath the iron heel of the Empire. Freakin’ Voss.

  3. Now imagine having trytophobia in addition to that opinion and you’ll be where my buddy is in regards to the planet/race. He has to close his eyes in every single conversation or he wiggs out.

    • I have a bit of trytophobia, but only patterns that “move” *goosebumps for only thinking about it… shudders*
      like the pores of a live octopus/squid kind of thing… or those that appear out of usually smooth uniform surfaces.. like skins… or pavements… (sometimes there are road workers that put a fresh coat of asphalt into the cracks to fill them up… but they put over a sort of thin “tape” so they don’t get stuck on tires when run over or something… but the little sides that don’t stick to the asphalt flutters on the wind and creates this sort of white “things” that come out from the pavement… and every time I drive over it, and see them, my entire body reacts, and all my hair stands up… *goosebumps*

      but the Voss aren’t AS bad… since they don’t just “pop up” but always there… like beehives, fly eyes or spider eyes, etc don’t really mind, because they’re always like that usually and “don’t move” I feel for your friend though

  4. I didn’t mind Voss much as a Jedi Consular, but the Agent story on Voss has its own twist . . . Made me cry. Also made me not want to play my agent anymore, which is saying something. Having my subscription run out about that time seemed rather fortuitous. Thankfully, by the time FTP came out, I had decided how to get over it.

  5. They remind me a bit of the Vulcans in Star Trek with their know-it-all attitude and lack of display of emotions. Except that the Voss seem to have no real reason to be that way. They just come across as pointlessly weird.

  6. Ah, just wait until you get to the storyline with the surprise Gormak twist. And yes, I still hate Voss. And love Battle of Ilum because it lets me kill one every couple days.

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