After being thoroughly disappointed with the empire-side boytoys, my assassin met Andronikos Revel, pirate of mystery.  Rawr.


But she wasn’t ready to settle down on a moisture vaporator farm and pop out horned offspring quite yet.  On the very next planet, an eligible suitor appeared!


Another sith! I don’t actually have a screenshot. I could have sworn I took one. Oh well.

Sure, he has a lot of dark side corruption which isn’t particularly attractive… and he’ll probably try to kill me (they all try) but whatever.  So Raijah flirts with him and, well, she’s sith, so things immediately progress to her smooching his face off.


Mind you, I’m used to Corso who will flare up with jealousy if my smuggler so much as gave a kleenex to a guy.  Andronikos didn’t care at ALL.  I got back and the conversation went something like this:

Him: Took you long enough.

Me: Eh, I’m done with that clown.  Use em and lose em, amirite? I’m sure you entertained yourself.

Him: Yeah, something something chick from the stables, bsock, etc.

Me: (sarcasm) great, let’s have a double date sometimes…

(And then he gives me the +20 of luv –  what?)

Him: Um, I don’t think she’s the type for nice dinners.


Mmkay.  Hot guy on the ship.  Reasonably decent fling with sith boy.  What could go wrong?  Oh right, people trying to kill me.


Looking For BSOCK In All The Right Places — 4 Comments

  1. Andronikos is my favorite of the imperial love interests! despite their light sided alignment He fits my lady Assassin and Sorceress quite nicely due to their similir outlook on life and freedom.