You guys know how I suck at jumping, right?  Well, I totally do.  To the point that I get YOINKED by your friendly neighborhood sorc more often than I’d like to admit just to keep things rolling along.

Anyway, we’re in Scum & Villainy the other night, and I’m on leap duty on Thrasher.  Now, you think, no problem, just hit your leap button, right?

Nope.  There are some serious “you cannot see the target” issues.  So the “leap” involves repositioning and THEN jumping – you can “see” the mob at the apex of the jump, so the leap has to occur mid-jump.  Sigh.  And after ALL that effort, if the leap actually occurs, there’s still a reasonable chance of faceplanting on the wall and sliding back down to the ground.  Ouch.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t as bad at it as I thought I’d be, but this sort of assignment makes me reconsider taking an arrow to the knee and applying for a cushy healer job.  DPS is easy, my ass.


Leaping, Jumping, And Ops — 1 Comment

  1. I don’t think being a healer would be that much more appealing to you in that particular fight, considering that you then have to run and jump around trying to get line of sight to the friendly people standing up there. 😛