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  1. Can’t you just use an orange droid part and then slap in armoring etc like everyone else?

    The problem is that all the (non-crafted) armorings in high-level gear are bound to their specific slot, and droid parts don’t count as chest, legs, hands etc., so no armoring extracted from normal armour is “fits” in any of their slots.

    • Ohhh I see, so then you’d be capped at crafted 28’s, and these components are one level above those (effectively would be the equivalent of elite comm armorings). But still, screw droids! Treek ftw!

  2. There’s no competition on the tauntauns as far as I know. There are 3 tauntauns per nest, you use an consumable on them and after that they have an individual cooldown per tauntaun. There were loads of people near the nests today, but I could just travel from nest to nest to try and learn them out without any problem.

    • This sounds reasonable. I can’t imagine that it will take longer than grinding 1 million credits, even if I am impatient to get the New Shiny.

      • Definitely.
        It might be worth it to try to buy the data thingies from people if you want to save credits, though. I’ve seen them around for 25-50k per thing (cheapest on Hoth, more expensive on the fleet). If you’re smart about it and manage one for 500k then it might be a different story.

        I still prefer to try and get them myself, though. Even though I’m not sure yet about which character to use it on.

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