My brain is going to seriously explode.  Monday, Eric Musco announced that they’re going to be able to rotate the cartel merchandise and discounts without any server downtime.

They’re going to announce when they add something new but not announce discounts.  This means we will have to *gasp* log in for ourselves every day and LOOK.   Well, not really, because Dulfy has our back and has gone to the trouble of listing all the discounts, and presumably will continue, because she’s thorough like that.  This is a real help to people like me who don’t necessarily log in every night but always check the interwebs.

  • Discounts are updated/changed sometime between 9am and noonish.
  • We have no idea how long they last. The Monday discounts lasted only 24 hours, but it looks like the Tuesday discounts are still the discounts today.

I will be checking Dulfy daily to see if my favorite outfits go on sale.  Which basically means “stalk the outlaw set.”

Speaking of the outlaw set, you cannot add it to collections and make copies!  Any outfit/piece that comes WITH mods in it cannot be added to collections and copied, I guess so that people don’t get unlimited mods… level 30 mods.  That would be a game-breaking advantage there.  If I can’t make copies, that definitely affects how much I’m willing to pay for the damn thing.


Limited Time Offers On The Cartel Market — 4 Comments

  1. So, basically, Steam sales every day for TOR stuff? It may not be the cash shop we need, but it’s the cash shop we deserve (in a good way).

    • They’re hoping we end up with a bunch of shit we don’t need. It’s actually a very good strategy.

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