Things have been quiet around here – and if you’ve been following me on twitter, you’ll know I’ve been doing some serious rewrites of and additions to the Sentinel/Marauder guide.  That takes a lot of time! And Effort.  And Brains.

New stuff includes:

  • Seriously revamped and technical Combat/Carnage rotation section based on my srs hardmode raiding in that spec.
  • Relic crapola based on me tearing my hair out about relics
  • Rewrites of various sections for clarity

That’s just in the last week or two.  There are other “older” changes that you may not have seen, like links to ALL mirror abilities (that was a pain).  I probably tweak the guide at least once a week.

But I’m pretty happy with the guide for now, and I’ll be returning to writing fluff for the masses Soon (TM).  My screenshot folder is becoming bloated with terribad fashion that I must share.


Updates To Sentinel/Marauder Guide — 1 Comment

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