As you guys know, companion match isn’t currently working (I don’t think it got fixed in today’s patch either).  Fortunately, the day before that happened, I had switched my companions into social gear sets (more or less) and they match anyway.

Kira is wearing the Voss Mystic outfit (Social 5).  But not the hat because she still has a blue unmodded hat.  I’ll put on the circlet as soon as I can get her a hat with mods.

Doc is sporting the Balmorra outfit (Social 2), on the theory that I found him as a Balmorran resistance fighter.  However, the headgear is very face-covery, so he is wearing the Hutt Cartel goggles (Social 4) which look a whole lot like a heavy armor hat that I have on the sith side for my bounty hunter.

Rusk is wearing the rest of the Hutt Cartel outfit (Social 4).  I tried the Corsec Outfit (Social 6), but he looked ridiculous.  Obviously, the hat doesn’t show on… whatever species he is with the head tails and the horns… coming out of the head tails.

Finally we have our favorite Christmas ornament, Scourge.  None of the social gear really worked on him, so he’s still in rakata/columi – BUT! he is wearing the face mask from the Death Claw outfit (also Social 4).  It’s not exactly a sith face mask, but it’s close.

And this is how I’m coping until companion match is fixed.


Companions In Social Gear — 5 Comments

    • Kira is currently wearing the rakata belt. There are several orange light armor belts that will go well with the voss gear, at least on the republic side, and there are a lot of duplicates. It depends a lot on personal preference and whether you are going to color match it, or use it on a companion. I have no CLUE on the emp side. Matching with a medium or heavy armor belt is probably a bit trickier, but there are several minimalist belts that won’t STICK OUT too badly. The only adaptive armor belts that I know of right now are those that go with spaaaace suits and they are all awful.

      Easiest thing to do is go to the GTN and “try on” the belts for sale until you find one you like. Also check out your legacy vendor – for example, the non-leaf-butt belt for jedi sentinels is pretty unobtrusive.

      • I have a Mirialan sage who isn’t quite at the social level yet but I think will look quite good with the green/white mix. I just wish they would include the FULL outfit with these sets.

        Thanks for your help.

        • Check out the consular exalted belt. It’s probably a good match and there are a decent number of similar (or identical) crafted models that are far cheaper than the legacy version.