Fortunately, we’re getting the cartel market.

I have no research knowledge because I’ve had approximately zero hours this week to log in, let alone get on the PTS (har har).  If you want the “facts”, go see Dulfy or Darth Hater.

Now, I get to highlight the frivolous crap that I live for.

Full, matching outfits, available to any class, either faction.  Look, I don’t care about the stupid stats (level 30, yawn), but  it’s sith fashion with colors.  I’d prefer to be able to buy the pieces separately, as the full set is pricey.  As far as I can tell, the sets are identical to the level 39 orange shells that are crafted by synthweavers and armormechs.

Shirts, available to any class, either faction.  These are also based on current craftable armormech and synthweaving oranges, the level 23 orange shells to be precise.  However, “just the shirt” isn’t an impediment because, hello! match to chest.  I probably wouldn’t buy the rest of the pieces even if they existed.  Especially not the hat.

More bikinis.  OK, I lied, I don’t love this.  I opposite of love this.  We totally need more idiots dressing their companions in bikinis.  But that’s ok, because finally, sweet revenge…

Invisible chestpiece.  Y’all heard me right.  You can now dress your favorite male companion in an invisible shirt, and he can follow you around in all his Incredible Hulk glory.  I’m looking at you, Scourge.

What are your favorite (preferably frivolous) parts of the cartel market?


Attempts To Mug Sith For Outfits Largely Unsuccessful — 9 Comments

  1. I know when i see a F JK and Kira in matching dancer’s outfits I think “that’s totally something a girl would do”.

    • Bonus points if it’s a dumbass rude name. Oh, “Master Baits”, I would deny you that “master” title if I were Satele “don’t take shit from punks” Shan.

  2. The hits just keep on comin. I don’t say enough, thanks for the lols. My fav part is prolly rocket boots, but to be fair, I haven’t really looked at the articles about stuff and info. I prefer to spread the theories about news that come from my own head. It’s like the PR version of SWG’s motto, living the most exciting adventure ever told, mine. My guild’s ability to stay up to date suffers due to this, but some day they’ll figure out how gaming news websites work.

  3. I have been waiting on the MMO scene to even up the boy pervage since forever. I approve.

    MY favorite part of this release? Ball Toss. I have warned my guild about this upcoming awesomeness. The fleet will never be safe again. Long-winded op leaders, beware. This may takeover /getdown as my favorite downtime activity.

    PS: I am primarily an Empire player and my legacy name is Awesomepants. I see your Hawtpants Republic and raise you an Awesomepants Empire. >:)

    • Awesomepants, I love it!

      Also, anything that has to do with BALLS has my guild of thirtysomething professionals snickering like 12 year olds.