This may have escaped your notice, but I am a crazyinsane crafter.  As such, I’m plopping down 150k on recipes sometimes (I don’t have many left to buy, so I can afford to overpay a little…. a lot).  And I never seem to have that much money.  Certainly not enough to buy a lot of legacy shit.  However, I have bought a few luxuries which, in my opinion, give good bang for the buck.

Things I bought

C2 Modules.  Remember, you do not have to actually purchase the ship droid for one million or so credits.  You just have to go onto someone else’s ship who has one.  Buy the module for 100k.  Win.  If you have alts, the modules are bind to legacy, so just go ahead and pick up all you’d need at once.

These modules will save you money in the long run.  An increased crafting crit rate will proc you a bunch of extras (once I queued up 5 augments and got 8!).  And gathering crits are also useful – you get the rare mats without having to resort to the GTN.

Repair Bot for my main. It’s really nice to have one.  I haven’t sprung for the really pricey one because it’s just unlikely I’ll need one more than once an hour, and it’s very unlikely that I will need it to stay in one place more than the 20 seconds it takes me to click “repair all”.

Portal to Black Hole.  What makes dailies less painful?  Portals.  Port to black hole.  Do quests. QT back to turn in.  Fleet pass back to the fleet.  DONE.  This one will pay for itself because I’m much more likely to actually do dailies now.

Speedering for my alts.  Why walk when I can ride?  However, alts are a dime a dozen and I don’t want to be tossing away cash on a toon that ends up abandoned on Coruscant.  So the compromise is: if the toon gets to Taris (Republic) or Balmorra (Empire), THEN I get a speeder.  Because those planets are downright painful without one, right?

Things that I want but are pricey

I have a dream that I would buy a ship mailbox, a ship droid, and a ship GTN, and then never leave the coziness of my ship.  But there is no option for a guild bank on your ship.  Until that occurs, I’m afraid I’m chained to the fleet anyway.  Eew, the unwashed masses.

Do not know if want

Boosted affection gain from companions for conversation/gifts.  Well, it depends.  How much is it going to cost me WITHOUT the legacy perk versus with the legacy perk?  If the legacy perk is expensive (it is), it might be more cost effective to simply buy or farm a few extra companion gifts and be done with it.

Boosted XP from class missions/exploration.  Again, math. I have no earthly clue how much xp comes from my class quests versus my other quests versus killing things versus exploration.  The money might be better spent on twinked out gear so I can plough through the killing parts of quests more efficiently and save time THAT way.

Then there’s shit I will never buy…

Increased Chance To Proc Augment Slot.  OK, this isn’t an increased CRIT, it’s an increased chance to proc an augment slot.  An augment slot of the same level as the item.  Usually people don’t want level 50 orange gear.  They want orange gear that is attractive, which can be of any level!  Why should I pay good money for the chance to proc an augment slot in a level 10 item – an augment slot that will have to be upgraded ANYWAY.  Waste of money.

Fleet Pass Cooldown Reduction.  Eff that.  I have an authenticator and I can buy ONE HOUR COOLDOWN fleet passes until I pass out.  I keep a stack of 5 on my toon and never worry about it again.  That alone is worth the hassle of typing in extra numbers with every login and expense (unless you download it to your phone and then the app is free).


Little Legacy Luxuries — 10 Comments

  1. Great post! The biggest money, time, and frustration saver I’ve found is pairing the Speeder Piloting perk with the refer a friend speeder. This gives you the fastest and most resistant speeder stats at level 10 for only 40,000 credits per character. This saves you from having to spend the hundreds of thousands to millions of credits on the different speeder training ranks and speeders while giving you the fastest speed super early in the game.

  2. Instant travel to the Black Hole is definitely useful.

    The only other thing I’ve bought myself is the maximum reduction on my quick travel cooldown, as this nicely cuts down on moments when I sit inside the ass end of some bunker, thinking “now would be a great time to quick travel out” and find that it still has five minutes left on its cooldown.

    I’m probably odd in that I don’t really care about the lower level speeder, as I have a habit of forgetting about what speeders I have as it is. My fifties will regularly do laps around the fleet until I eventually find myself thinking “man, this is taking forever” and remember that I could make myself go faster.

    • I’d feel like field respec was more of a winner if it didn’t involve a lot of moving abilities onto quickbar slots every time.

  3. Alt speedering is the only legacy perk I’ve sprung for so far! Aside from unlocking the Miraluka race XD The other ones you’ve mentioned sound pretty good though and I shall have to put them under consideration! What are C2 modules though? I’m a bit behind/out of the loop due to my multi-month hiatus.

    Also augment slots now have a specific level/can be upgraded? Or did they always work that way and I was just augment slot daft?

  4. IT was stated by the devs that the legacy of crafting effects crit rates (as an augment slot is a crit result)

    • That is so bizarre because the legacy perk specifically says chance for augment slot. Presumably it wouldn’t work for biostuff to proc extra stims. Or they are TERRIBLE at writing descriptions.