Little Legacy Luxuries — 10 Comments

  1. Great post! The biggest money, time, and frustration saver I’ve found is pairing the Speeder Piloting perk with the refer a friend speeder. This gives you the fastest and most resistant speeder stats at level 10 for only 40,000 credits per character. This saves you from having to spend the hundreds of thousands to millions of credits on the different speeder training ranks and speeders while giving you the fastest speed super early in the game.

  2. Instant travel to the Black Hole is definitely useful.

    The only other thing I’ve bought myself is the maximum reduction on my quick travel cooldown, as this nicely cuts down on moments when I sit inside the ass end of some bunker, thinking “now would be a great time to quick travel out” and find that it still has five minutes left on its cooldown.

    I’m probably odd in that I don’t really care about the lower level speeder, as I have a habit of forgetting about what speeders I have as it is. My fifties will regularly do laps around the fleet until I eventually find myself thinking “man, this is taking forever” and remember that I could make myself go faster.

    • I’d feel like field respec was more of a winner if it didn’t involve a lot of moving abilities onto quickbar slots every time.

  3. Alt speedering is the only legacy perk I’ve sprung for so far! Aside from unlocking the Miraluka race XD The other ones you’ve mentioned sound pretty good though and I shall have to put them under consideration! What are C2 modules though? I’m a bit behind/out of the loop due to my multi-month hiatus.

    Also augment slots now have a specific level/can be upgraded? Or did they always work that way and I was just augment slot daft?

    • That is so bizarre because the legacy perk specifically says chance for augment slot. Presumably it wouldn’t work for biostuff to proc extra stims. Or they are TERRIBLE at writing descriptions.

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