As you know, I’m a crazy person, and have been gathering orange fashion schematics like a maniac since 1.3 dropped.  I have definitely hit the halfway point in the new recipes where my spreadsheet is more green than red, so to speak.

A few of my crazy habits.  Don’t try this at home.

  • When I find a good deal on a schematic, I cackle and say “YOINK” out loud as I buy it.  The husband looks at me like I’m a nutball.
  • One time, I bought something at an awesome price, and when I went to my mail, it returned my bid because someone else had bought the damn thing a second before I had.  So now if I see a really good deal, I don’t check to see if I already have it.  I snap it up.  I can just turn around and resell it for a profit if it turns out I already have it.
  • I check the GTN each time I play before I start gaming for realsies, and again before I log for the night.
  • If I can’t sleep, I check the GTN.  If I have extra time in the morning (unlikely), I check the GTN.
  • My budget varies depending on the item.  I am not willing to spend as much money on sith-only recipes, and I’m much more likely to spend serious cash on a medium armor recipe because both my 50’s wear medium armor.
  • My budget for a schematic has gradually increased as I near the end of my gathering.  I figure if I’ve been checking obsessively and I haven’t seen it by NOW, it’s probably very rare and damn well worth the steep price.
  • The most I’ve paid for a schematic is 120k credits.
  • The least I’ve paid for a schematic is 5 credits.  Multiple times.  Suckers.
  • I refuse to pay 300k for the belt that I don’t have that is right now listed on the GTN.1
  • I was so obsessed with a specific pair of gloves for my own outfit that I sent the minions on Tier 2 Underworld Trading missions nonstop until I got it.  It took about 2 days.2
  • I have no earthly clue what Underworld Trading missions are more likely to proc a schematic, so I just send out the minions on random ones of the appropriate level (or of multiple levels).  By the time the idiots come back, I forget which mission I sent them on.  And I’m not industrious enough to actually keep a record or spreadsheet.3
  • For some reason, I’m much closer to finishing out my armormech schematics than my synthweaving schematics.  And I know that there are more synthweaving schematics than armormech schematics, but I’m talking percentages here.  The armormech spreadsheet is greener.
  1. I may cave if it is marked down to 200k.
  2. Guys, the sentinel boots and gloves are strappy and hawt.
  3. C2 has won a special place in my heart for his UT crit rate, thanks to the legacy doodad I bought him.


Schematic Gathering — 3 Comments

  1. I spent some quality time with UT last night, and can confirm that missions for companion gifts seem to return schematics at least as much as missions for metals/cloth. Since the companion gift missions are almost always faster and cheaper they seem to be the way to go. I mean if you are crazy enough to send your minions out just for recipes.

    • I usually send them for companion gifts anyway – because I know that those will sell, and you can’t *give* away luxury cloth.

    • That’s good to know, as I had read somewhere that you get Synthweaving schematics from the cloth missions and I took that to mean exclusively. I’d much rather have some excess gifts than even more excess cloth!