Yesterday, we talked about how I tried to push back the hood of my robe with headgear and there were certain “graphics failures.”  Today, the patch notes claim that it is fixed.  I tested it and it is indeed fixed.

How strange that I post about the thing and it gets fixed the next day.  I don’t think Bioware reads my blog.  I think they read my mind.  Scary stuff.

Moving on, since I was doomed to display belly or wear a hoodie, I started trying on various hoodies and found (to my surprise!) that some are “less face covery” than others.

Observe the ablative laminoid chest versus the resilient laquerous chest (both crafted medium armor oranges).

On the left, we see how most hoods are. Very little face exposed. Profile shot is a joke.  On the right, well that’s much better.  It’s less “grim reaper.”  While I’m not a fan of hoodies, I could live with a hoodie that had some face showing.


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