What Happened

OK, as you might have heard me yabbering, while taking screenies with the UI down, I then put the UI back up, and the UI refused to come back up, my character locked up, it was generally unpleasant, and at the end of it all, Corso’s Customization #2 went POOF.

My Ticket

So I put in a ticket in-game as follows:

1/21/2012.  I had hidden my ui using alt Z to take some screenshots.  While it was hidden, my character locked up and could not move.  I tried control u twice and the UI finally came back but I was standing in front of Corso and he suddenly changed back to the default.  His customization kit was not on him or in my inventory.  It was Corso customization 2.  It’s possible that it might have been deleted by my clicking while the UI was down.

It would be great if I could have that customization kit back.

Customer Service Response

The response 3 days later was as follows:

01/24/2012 – SWTOR CSR: Greetings Njessi,

I am Protocol Droid [redacted], Human-Cyborg Relations.

I have recieved your transmission requesting an item restoration.

Unfortunately, your ticket did not contain enough information for us to process your request. Please submit a new ticket, and include the following information:

– Afflicted character name
– Server
– Item name/Currency type and amount
– How the item/currency was lost

Please use the word “[redacted]” in the subject line of your email in order to allow us to track your request.
Please note that currently our item restoration policy is that you are eligible for 3 restorations within a rolling 6 month period.  This request will use one of your allotted restorations.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we would like to apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.  If you require further assistance with this or any other issue, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Galactic Support is our specialty.


Protocol Droid [redacted], aka [redacted] Star Wars: The Old Republic Customer Service

My Response to Their Response

By that time I was seriously pissed off.  And I emailed them back.  I had to transcribe the previous interchange from screenshots (it wouldn’t allow copy of in-game ticket text, and I had not received an e-mail), which already had me hopping mad, but I wanted a “history” in the email.  After recounting the history of the ticket, I wrote the following:

This response is unacceptable for the following reasons:

(1) The requested information was included in the initial request.

-The initial request was sent from the character in question using the in-game ticket system, so the character name and server should be obvious.

-The original request described in detail what the item was (Corso Customization kit 2)

-The original request described in detail how the item was lost. (Issues with locking up after the UI was hidden)

Granted the information was not in the exact format above, but it was all there for anyone who bothered to read.

(2) This item was deleted due to a bug.  Not due to anything on my end.  It is beyond ridiculous to limit me to 3 restorations and count against that limit a loss that was your fault.

(3) The ticket was submitted in-game and answered in-game, yet the clarification was requested via email (with no email address provided).  This proves cumbersome to even the most dedicated player.

Nonetheless, I will answer your questions in the format you requested:

And then I did.  Mostly it was quoting the original ticket since I had already given all the information.  (And, quite honestly, if they don’t have my name and server from the ticket that I submitted in-game, there’s some serious problem with their ticket system.)

Why I’m Mad

OK, end of long tale of woe.  Can you tell I was mad?  I spent 3 days waiting for a response to what I assumed was a fairly simple problem, and when I got the response, I was told that I hadn’t given information that I most definitely had and that I would be effectively penalized for their bug (which is a dumb policy right after launch when of COURSE there are bugs).  Not to mention transcribing stuff from screenies makes me vaguely stabby.

I am totally aware that it took me more time and effort to write angry emails (and this post) than to simply earn the 12.5k, hop in my ship, and buy a new customization from the Taris or Balmorra vendor.  And I certainly do not want an easily-obtainable item to count against my 3 restorations that I might actually need for something important.  But it’s the principle.

Resolution (or Lack Thereof)

As of today, I have an open ticket in the system which was opened on 1/24.  So that’s 2 weeks ago? I went and bought a new customization kit, and I should technically close the ticket but I want to see just what happens with it.  If anything.

A Comparison

Now, let me tell you about the time I got hacked in WoW. YES I WENT THERE.  I’M COMPARING SWTOR TO WORLD OF WARCRAFT.  Ahem.  As I was saying, I got hacked.  It was a mess. I don’t know where all my characters were dragged off to.  I couldn’t even TELL you what they owned.  Yet in less than a week, the WoW CSR’s restored everything down to the last little miniscule item, to the last little level 5 alt.  There was, as I recall, one enchant missing, and that was IT.  Everything else back, and I do mean everything.

I can see that it was partially my fault for not having an authenticator, but never was I told that I was limited to X numbers of restorations and after that I was shit out of luck.  I knew a ton of people who got hacked.  They all got their stuff back.

I will admit that WoW was probably too lenient.  If you looted something and then later decided it should go to another player, often a CSR would fix it for you (this was before trading BoP’s was implemented).  People who deleted their characters ON PURPOSE and then 6 months later decided they wanted them back (true story) put in tickets and got those characters restored.  OK, that was a little ridiculous.  But giving back items without a limit or a fuss when they were deleted by an evildoer, bug, glitch, or outage is just good business policy.  Your customer is happy and life goes on.

So What Am I Going To Do About It?

Maybe they think nobody is going to unsubscribe over shitty customer service.  I know I’m not going to right now.  I truly enjoy playing the game.  But if something serious is wrong, not just an easily replaceable customization kit missing, and I get crappy customer service that doesn’t put an actually important thing right, then yes, I’d quit.  Because unlike a lot of the kids out there, I don’t have TIME to re-grind stuff.

Edit 2/10.  I received a response to the ticket.


Customer Service Fail — 14 Comments

  1. Ah, so this is the post you hinted at before. Sucky situation. :/

    I pretty much agree with everything you’ve said. The game is great, but they do need to get their customer service in order. No, people probably won’t quit over one or two small cock-ups, but if they seem to struggle to even comprehend simple tickets about things like quest bugs or lost items, then I dread to think what things must like for people who actually have serious issues (also see Scary’s latest post).

    • Yeah I didn’t want to post too hastily when it happened because I wanted to give them the opportunity to make it right. That and I’d look like an ass if I blasted them and they fixed it the next day. But I think 2 weeks is patient enough.

  2. ” People who deleted their characters ON PURPOSE and then 6 months later decided they wanted them back (true story) put in tickets and got those characters restored.”

    >.> <.< /raises hand

    To be fair, I was unsubscribed for those months!

    • Don’t delete your swtor toon. There is no WAY you would get that one back. Even if it was by accident. Or eaten by a space-bug.

  3. I have yet to read or meet someone with positive experience with EA/Bioware customer service for SWTOR.

    I sincerely hope the devs work put extra work on squatching every possible bug out of this game, because if they rely on their current customer service/gm/ticket systems, SWTOR will die.

  4. God, for real. The game is so fun! And yet the customer service is so atrocious.

    The one time a CSR actually READ my ticket — THE ONE TIME — was when I’d put in a very specific /bug report about a stuck place on Tython, and the response was an incredibly passive-aggressive hateyscreed about how I was OBVIOUSLY not having any problems because my character was in a different place now, how DARE I put in a ticket and waste everyone’s time.

    I don’t understand what’s going on over there in CSRland, but they need to seriously chill the hell out and knock off the useless copypasta.

    • I don’t get passive-aggressive answers to bug reports. They should be happy we are bothering to stop what we’re doing and write a report to help THEM identify problems with the game. It’s not like we’re getting paid – in fact the opposite.

  5. You Go Hawtpants!!!! Knock the crap out of them!


    I’m sorry you had a bad CSR response. I hope that they get their stuff in order, for I’m sure it will make for a better game.


  6. Wow. I truly hope they buck up and straighten things out in their customer service department. Regardless of whether the ticket is over something big or an item that is easily replaceable, constantly dealing with bad service like this will drive people to quit in frustration. I hope they realise this and realise it soon.

    • Yes, totally. After this, my guild mates have not bothered to put in customer service tickets over things that they can “live with”.

  7. How about losing 10 warzones in a row,only to FINALLY win,and,of course,NOT get credit for the daily/weekly warzone quests.Thats happened at least 5 times to me so far,all with automated dipshit droid auto-responses,and no credit for the wins.How frickin hard is it to at least credit the win?My last few tickets had more F-bombs than I have fingers.

    • That is severely annoying and of course not something that you can fix with a few credits. Even if they can’t fix it right now, they should give you the courtesy of saying something like “we’re taking this issue seriously and trying to figure out why it is happening.”

  8. My swtor account was stolen by my bf’s “friend” (not even a friend, just someone random dude that came over along others, we can’t even get ahold of him now because he moved to another state). He changed my password, email address, and added 5 security questions that I cannot answer. Because I have 2 accounts, to tell the difference between my main’s account and this one, I put this account under a made up name (BIG MISTAKE). Then after this whole hacking thing happened, I contacted customer support, told them everything they NEEDED to know, (i.e. the account name, product key, billing address, credit card info…) they put me on hold for 2 hours, then came back and told me I had to resolve this issue with that “friend”. They didn’t even verify my account’s billing address with the info i told them. They asked for my ID. I told them that my ID wont show the name registered because it is a made up name to avoid confusion. They basically told me “sorry but i think you are the hacker that is trying to hack your friend’s account” because if the account isn’t under my LEGAL NAME, even if I paid for the game. IT IS NOT MINE.

    Just a lesson to all of you out there.
    Oh by the way, that customer service agent on the phone is extremely rude, he called me a hacker, and use louder voice to prevent me from talking, whenever i tried to talk, he just talked louder to cover up my voice. Then he hung up on me.

    • Ugh that is really bad. Hopefully you are not paying for a continuing subscription for this loser! If so, you might have to dispute it from the credit card end or request a new credit card number.