The weekend of November 11-13, I beta tested SWTOR.  Now that the NDA is up, I can tell what I saw.

I have almost nothing to report.  I am super-lame.


Downloaded the client and patch.

Went to WoW Raid.

Went to bed.

No, seriously, I didn’t even log in.


I created a character very quickly and ran around.  My frame rate was the suck.  Ok, no big deal, I’ll just turn down my graphics.  Pew pew, this is fun.  A little choppy but fun.

I went back into the character creation screen.  Hey, why do these two faces look exactly the same?  And these two complexion settings.  Hey, why do they look different on my husband’s PC?  ACK MY VIDEO CARD.

What if I’m picking horrible facial features for my toons and can’t even see it, but everyone else can see it because they don’t have a craptastic video card?  THE HORROR.

Ran to Fry’s.  Got new video card.

Back home, tried to install the card and discovered my power supply was inadequate.

Swearing occurred.

Found a power supply around the house (don’t ask) that was better than my current one.  But was unable to attempt installation myself because OMG THE WIRES, THE FREAKIN WIRES!

Begged neighbor to help and bribed with cookies.  Neighbor could help on Sunday, due to being completely occupied with playing the beta at the moment.

Went to Saturday night’s WoW raid.  Then bed.


Took Little Jedi to the park.  And lunch.

Got home and the husband took the PC over to the neighbor’s house, so he could help us install the power supply and video card.

PC came home.  Graphics worked great.  Sound didn’t work at all.  LOLWUT?

After intense driver reinstallation and testing, discovered that sound worked fine if speakers were connected through the USB port.

Ran to Fry’s minutes before closing to grab an adaptor.  Fry’s employees had no flippin clue what I was asking for.  Had to bribe Little Jedi with candy in the checkout line.

Fed Little Jedi and put her to bed.

OH RIGHT, and then I got to play the game.

In conclusion:

I have nothing useful to say about much other than character creation and video cards.  I hope this upcoming weekend is more productive.

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