What Comes Next? — 6 Comments

  1. Yeah, sorry to say that the oldest mini-Red, who recently turned 22 (!), is younger than a Millenial.

    However, I will say it should be easier than you think, because I know in WoW Classic the ages there skew more in yours and my direction (Gen X and older Millenial), with some boomers mixed in. Keep an eye open for guilds that mention accommodating parents with kids who play (the guild in Classic I raid with was born with the desire to raid but after the kiddos go to bet), and that should work to your advantage.

      • Ah the boomers. When the kiddo says “ok boomer”, we say:
        (1) We’re not boomers. Your grandparents are boomers.
        (2) DO NOT say “ok boomer” to your grandparents, even if it is technically correct.

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