New Hall Of Shame Entries In Which Readers Only Do Half The Work — 5 Comments

  1. I dunno, the white-blue dude in the republic jersey 70’s style is surprisingly well done. I mean, in dubious taste, but it obviously took some effort.

    • I rather like that guy, too — except for the hat, it looks kind of like he was going for a Buzz Lightyear vibe. Of course, if that’s really what he’s trying to do, it would work better with more helmet-like hat and a white/bright green dye set — or does that dye combo not exist?

  2. Maybe because it’s been a meh week but the idea of a “Nasty-butlercat” keeps cracking me up at random intervals.

    • The funny part was that I saw Nasty-butler and Nasty-butlercat on different days. I had snapped one screenie and then totally forgotten about it and snapped the other. It was only when cropping images that I realized that the same dude was responsible for them.

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