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  1. Imperial Agent is definitely the best storyline. I enjoyed it most by not choosing to go Light or Dark at the beginning, but with more arbitrary rules – I decided my Agent was a completely loyal Imperial citizen who truly believed that the Empire was the best choice for the galaxy, and would do anything to help it and achieve her missions.

    I ended up about Neutral, which is interesting. Lots of both Light -and- Dark choices; nothing selfish, all in the name of the mission.

    The only problem is now I have no idea how to play my -second- Agent. At least picking only Light or Dark lets you do the other one the second time. XD

    • I’m generally a fan of neutrality and letting the story go where it will, but I *still* didn’t have the legacy perk for being full light side, so I played my agent that way to get Unity. Dorky, I know, but I had a bunch of high level toons and none of them could resist killing the occasional (or not so occasional) idiot and muddying their alignment.

  2. I had forgotten all about that, but now that you mention it, I remember witnessing that very same situation on my ex-boyfriend’s agent playthrough and being like: “WTF?! Did she really just do that?!”

  3. This reminds me that I had one of those “option 4” moments with my baby sith juggie. This post has spoilers for Balmorra Imperial of any class.

    ***** SPOILERS *** in 3, 2, 1…

    I’m merrily curb stomping farmers and poisoning their crops when I run across this data pad. The pad tells a sob story about the previous tenants wanting to be friends with the Imps, but the deal turning sour because of a feud with one of our captains. When I say “deal went sour”, I mean the captain showed up with troops and wiped them out… ALL OF THEM!

    On the one hand my sithie approves of the liberal use of force. On the other, he’s incredibly annoyed at having to curb stomp the new tenants when we could have had the old tenants farming for us. So he goes to confront captain whats-his-name about his disturbing lack of vision. In response the captain spits out a rambling blubbering LIE. You do not LIE to a being of pure hate, it’s just not done!

    I consulted the sith handbook for what to do when a subordinate first inconveniences you, then lies to you. On page 142 it says:

    1.) Apply a force choke.

    2.) While maintaining the force choke, inform him that he has failed you for the last time.

    3.) Continue with force choke until he stops moving.

    Sadly I could only take his bribe or eat light side points to report him. They just don’t make sith like they used to I guess…

    • I get annoyed when the dark side option is to accept a bribe rather than slaughter. For example, on Hutta for EVERYONE, when you meet the black death who is killing the natives, you have to take the light side option to reject his bribe in order to move on to the dark side option of shooting him in the face. Armed with this knowledge, I always reject the bribe, but it’s rather counterintuitive that you have to take a light side option in order to get to the darkest dark side option.

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