Dear Corso — 11 Comments

  1. I couldn’t stand Corso from the moment I met him. He’s just so annoying! One planet with that naive farmboy attitude and I wanted to hurl him out the airlock.

    Oh, you disapprove of what I’m doing, do you? -Again-? Bowdaar! Playtime!

    • On my gunslinger, I sent Corso back to the ship as soon as Bowdaar joined the crew. At least then I could punch (badguy) women in peace. Corso is the only companion that I’ve encountered that cares about the gender of the badguys with whom I interacted.

    • Haha, my Y-u’no flirted and BSOCKed with Corso at every opportunity (and with any other man encountered, to be fair), but when he proposed she was like “nah, why not, like, leave it as it is?” I felt a little bit bad even though I got crazy from all his clingyness (especially in the end), but it was sooo the right decision! 😀

  2. My girlfriend and I were leveling a gunslinger and a commando together for a while. Our favorite thing to say was always “Shut up, Corso.” It became the unintentional punchline catch phrase to our entire leveling experience. Heck, I still say it. Even to other characters. “Shut up, Cors– I mean Kaiden.”

    God damn you, Corso.

  3. I don’t think Corso was the only reason Gunslinger didn’t take when I tried it a while back, but he may be my least favorite of the starting companions. Is he easy to bribe later if I just play with HK or Treek instead?

  4. From the time I got Risha on my gunslinger, she never left my side. It was rough, having a pure DPS companion on a pure DPS class, but if you played Dark-ish Side, the dialogue options made it all worth it.

    Plus things just melted when both of us focused a single target.

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