Patch 2.4 According To Me — 6 Comments

  1. Love the opening of the article lol. Oh and the rest too… I literally just finished belsavis on my gunslinger yesterday. I forgot they were fixing those travel points in 2.4 or I would’ve waited. Those were always a nightmare. Oh yea and I’m super excited about the gear dye changes! My favorite sith chest in game is a level 15 orange called dark adepts robe I think. It looks like a hoodie. And I really wanted it in white for my sorc! Can’t wait to try everything out! It’s all lookin pretty hawt! 🙂

      • Yes there is white/white but it’s obscenely expensive. Fortunately the specific chest piece I’m talking about is one of the weird ones that pretty much has no secondary color, so even a white orange makes it white! 🙂

  2. Oh yea. Also, I feel a kinship with you due to your open, flaming hatred of Quinn lol. I look forward to my marauder getting up in the story to the point where I can watch his annoying skinny body get force-slammed into a wall again 😛

  3. The new dailies (and their associated weekly) do require a single HEROIC 2+. It is soloable, if you are well-geared and careful to only pull 1 champion at a time, but it is not Group Finder-able. It occurs in an open world HEROIC area immediately before the bridge that leads into the operations entry area.

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