Bugs And Technical Difficulties Pwn My Raiding Experience — 6 Comments

    • I think it was 22-24. We had wiggle-room on the enrage timer and it was ok when people died. We might have been able to do it with fewer, but we happened to have the people online. I would say that 16 would be pushing it, and maybe 20 would be fine.

  1. Njessie, the naga 2014 worked awesome yesterday. The buttons are way better feeling. Just took a minute to get the feel for the new placement of them. By the second pull I had it figured out. Definitely get the new one.

    I think we had 19 or 20 people.

    • For some reason, I thought we were more than 20, because of the new recruits – but you’re probably right. I was having issues. Swearing was occurring.

      And I just ordered the new naga. Because, seriously, having half my abilities unusable is bullshit.

        • I think someone was camera shy, we had 5 full 4-m stacks and two in the last group.

          Njessie, I didn’t notice an effect on your performance, but we ran S&V, so you definitely distracted 😛

          I use a Logitech G600, with my profiles saved to the mouse, I had issues running with Logitech’s software interfaces. But I love the mouse, the thumb-pad is very easy to use.

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