Character Customization: Hair Shortcuts And Hair Attention To Detail — 4 Comments

  1. Just shows how much attention to detail I pay, as I never noticed any of that.

    I do like the new hairdos but since they are longer they also take you to clipping hell. I guess as someone who plays a lot of twi’leks I should be used to it, but still…

    • I made sure to pick a shirt that didn’t have a backpack or any other dingdongs that would clip with the braid. But yeah, I don’t like clipping and I do watch for it with outfit and hair choices (there was this BELT with LOOPS and it BUTT CLIPPED – it drove me nuts).

    I was minding my own business in blissful ignorance here, and you just had to go and ruin everything important and dear to me.


    • Which is funny because I noticed this stuff (and it bugged the crap out of me) on day 1… but I guess I’m nitpicky like that.

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