Super-Serious Makeb Prep — 10 Comments

    • I was having the same crash issue as you and (I was kicking myself for not thinking of this earlier) I updated my graphics drivers and it started working again. Did you do the graphics drivers?

  1. I’ve preserved my Warrior’s Force Champion Headgear just so that I can move his set bonus armorings over and preserve his look. Cuz capes are cool and the mask makes him sound like a total pimp. Fashion > form. ALWAYS.

    • I ended up with the Handmaiden set plus some kickass gloves and boots to give it a little more of a “kill” vibe.

      • Well, now that you’ve swapped out for a miniskirt, I don’t have to feel so bad about thefting your pants…

        :runs off into the night with Njessi’s space pants, cackling evilly all the way:

  2. It would be a concern…if I could actually take screenshots during conversations. Is there a trick I’m missing, because I haven’t been been able to do that since about 1.2?

    • I hadn’t been able to do that in beta at ALL (and I think I still can’t) so I installed fraps and just bound the screenshot key to “print screen” same as my normal screenshot key. You can use the free version easily for just screenshots. If you want to do videos, you probably want to pay for the full version.

  3. The first cutscene bugs out an shows your hood even if you’re suppressing it. I made sure to were the unmoddable cosmetic gear without hood that I always wear with me.

    How did I do? ^^

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