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  1. So which meter tools are you using? Also, don’t forget that there is always going to be some natural imbalance between classes and specs. I’ve yet to see any MMO get it to a point where every class in optimized gear/spec with a competent player produces the same DPS. The bad news is that could mean you might not be #1 DPS just because you literally can’t be if another class is doing things right. The good news is that MMO developers tweak those things often enough that you might find yourself consistently #1 in a few weeks once they buff or nerf something.

  2. Big influence in measuring overall dps is of course AoE damage. Classes capable of dishing out a lot of area damage will shine in those situation, but probably fall behind in single target.

    I’ve found in WOW that a good rotation or prioritization of your abilities does wonders. It made me competitive with people 1-2 tiers of gear ahead of me.

    • The point about AoE damage does not really apply to The Old Republic. For example, Gunslingers/Snipers have the best AoE in the game (sustained and burst), and are one of the top 3 single-target damage dealers as well. Vanguard/Powertech is another example of a class with extremely high single-target DPS as well as strong AoE. Shadows/Assassins have the weakest AoE by far, and that class is not among the highest single-target damage dealers.

      An optimal priority rotation and spec will definitely matter more than anything other than a very large gear upgrade though, this I fully agree with.

    • I usually filter out the trash fights from the meters and only look at the boss fights. Of course, AOE does count in boss fights if there are adds.

  3. Hehe, we’re been using meters as well, and I just feel nervous all the time when I use it! I’m a healer, though, and I always think it’s a bit though to rate that by numbers. For all you know the other guy is overhealing a lot, or vise versa. In the end it just matters that people don’t die and there is an reserve for errors.

    • You might think that a pure DPS class should outdamage a hybrid healer/tank class, but TOR doesn’t work that way. If you’re DPS-spec you should be able to get within a couple % of any other DPS-spec toon, regardless of what their other spec choice could have been.

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