The Best of Both Worlds: Fashion Disaster Resolved — 6 Comments

  1. Was news to me, it’s only been on the dev tracker for a few hours and I hadn’t seen it yet. Happy to see they taken the most sensible and straightforward option.

    • Sensible? To be honest, I was shocked (in a good way) because I didn’t think that it was technologically possible to do what they are doing. It never occurred to me that they would be able to give people both without people buying/obtaining additional items.

      • No one ever said sensible was common. But from the point of view of making their customers _happy_ this is the sensible move.

  2. As long as they use a common database and have smart back-up policies, doing this for any art asset is possible. They just rip the Item out of the Backup – rename it – insert it into live – then do the hard work of actually adjusting their hooks to account for it in the various instances of the game<<—- that part there is why we hardly ever see it happen in games. No one wants to repeat work.

    At least that's how i understand it. With that said, I applaud Bioware for doing it this way, it is truly a resolution with the fans in mind.

  3. I’m actually pleasantly surprised by this outcome; looks like they took a long glance at it and said, “Hey. Let’s do the right thing for everyone involved.” Bravo, Bioware!

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