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  1. I’m still in love with the game. I’ll pay $10 for evil Hutt plotting.

    Now, I might be less willing to shell out money for such a tiny expansion if it were a typical MMO, but when you consider the voice acting and all, it still seems like a good deal to me. I just hope it lives up to what they’ve already done.

  2. “Not so much because of the early access but because I’ll probably forget to do it later, so I might as well just add it and then forget about it.”

    …. and this is a problem because they might run out of copies on launch day? I get the rush to pay now now now for something that won’t be ready for months if the “early” access is a must-have for you, but there’s no other benefit to paying this far in advance.

    Personally, I’m somewhere between you and Ionomonkey. As a non-subscriber, a single planet does not sound like a ton of content for $20 when you compare it to what every other non-subscription MMO that sells DLC would give you for that price point. That’s why I’m going to wait and see what precisely is for sale BEFORE I hand over my money. Not necessarily opposed to the concept, just a bit suspicious.

    • Well, they won’t run out of copies, but I’m not doing myself any favors waiting in terms of downloading etc. For every expansion for every game I played, up to about 2 years ago, there was the loading and patching and loading and more patching and waiting (and swearing), while everyone else with faster connections or machines or BETTER LUCK was gallivanting around. But when I preordered Cataclysm, I did the digital download. It just automatically downloaded all the bits while I wasn’t paying attention. And on launch day, I simply logged in without fuss. That experience was *so damn pleasant* that I am hoping for a repeat – that I take care of the preorder now, and when the time comes, POOF, it’s ready to play. That’s worth the cost of 2 lattes.

      • I guess it also rubs me the wrong way that they’re running such an aggressive hard sell on this pre-order. “Spring 2013” sounds like April or later. The January deadline, if they stick to it, would mean they’re going to hold the new content hostage for a week unless you agree to pre-pay in full four months before it’s done. I can’t think of a single precedent for this in any MMO, regardless of business model. Is that really a business practice we should be encouraging?

        • I’m not a fan of early access, actually. I think it just gives people excuses to be elitist assholes. I am still hearing crap about people who believe that their in-game names are their god given right because they snagged that name in the first hour of day 1 of preaccess. Yeah, ok, whatever, you’re special, shut up.

          I just want my download to go smoothly without expending any effort. I don’t think I should be entitled to access the game earlier just because I went nerd-out on day 1 of preorder.

    • Whilst preordering, I noticed that I didn’t even have to re-enter my credit card info… which is a dangerous thing when one thinks about one-click CARTEL COIN BUYING RAAAR FASHION. Ahem.

  3. I totally preordered. Because it was only $10. I could just skip the smokehouse burger and be good to go. (Except I didn’t. I ate the burger and I preordered. IYF, haters.)

    Something I still can’t wrap my brain around though is that it is so cheap compared to cartel market stuff. The expansion costs less than a full set of armor from the CC ($14+). The Life Day pack costs 4x as much as this expansion ($37.50+ at full price). I find myself giving the fish eye to all the CC stuff now, because in comparison I’d much rather pay $10 for unseen content.

    Admittedly this is my first F2P game. Maybe I just don’t get the EAconomics of it?

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