Get Thee To The Official Forums And Demand Fashion — 4 Comments

  1. Good lord, could they come up with more bikinis anyway? This time, we’ll make it a GREEN bikini with BLUE highlights. Blergh.

    Sort of related, but am I right in thinking that not all the bikinis have all of the skin tones correct? I swear I saw a Nadia Grell with a white face and a tan bikini bod the other day.

    • Nadia wears some weird white makeup, on all customizations, so it’s possible that she had very dark skin under the white.

      Now what looks ABSOLUTELY FREAKY is when someone has very much dark side corruption, and it ends at the neck. The invisible shirt is going to look equally weird.

  2. Great idea to post this here! There’s so many stuff I’ve been sad at not being able to use mods on it – in my opinion, they should just make everything moddable, even the starter stuff you get through leveling. That would create such an influx of different fashion on the fleet. Now everyone just looks about the same in their raid gear. There isn’t that much epic looking moddable leveling gear that you’d like to run around in.

  3. Put in my request for eleventy more bikini’s, and 2 sports bras 🙂

    Seriously though, where’d my crimson Mandalorian armor from beta Bioware?

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