Dude, Where Are My Comms? — 9 Comments

  1. Part of the problem is their failure to introduce new gear and/or currencies. what sucks is that we are all penalized if we want to run the same content that we ran last week. Now, all of the sudden, beating that boss that gave us something gives us nothing.

    • Exactly. If you want to “nerf” something, don’t actually make it worth less than it was last week. Make everything else worth MORE. Buff everything AROUND it and the end result is a functional nerf without pissing everyone off.

    • Exactly, we’re farming Rakata out of a third TIER? Dear god, everybody already has Rakata. Is every story mode for the rest of forever going to drop fucking Rakata? I can KIND of see the idea of making the new story mode drop the same level of gear as the previous hard mode (like they did with the transition between KP and EC). It’s frustrating for the guilds who’ve been farming the old hard mode, but it works from anyone whose progression is a little less than that (like ours has been in EC).

  2. So, wait a second. This brand new spiffy (lol) Dread Guard armor set that drops out of Terroooor Froooom Beyoooond … can’t actually be earned from Story Mode? Really? Really?!


    Some of us out there don’t like hard modes (like me) because LOL DOIN SAME STUFF JUS HAWDER doesn’t appeal to me. At all. But, the upside is this! I’ll get to wear … the same old … stuff? Wha?

    TOR, why do you make me not want to play you?

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