Hats and Hoodies Redux — 7 Comments

    • The weird thing is someone tells me “they fixed the bald bug” and I said “huh? they fixed that like 2 weeks ago!” But changing some of the circlets, I can TOTALLY live with that. I just feel bad for one of my guildies who had a hood-up look he really liked with the circlet underneath and he now has to hide helm to keep his hood up.

  1. I followed your link to the official thread and posted there “please don’t eff up anything else related to the head slot if you fix this.”

    • I suppose I can make you a circlet that looks just like mine (the heavy armor version) that pushes down the hoodie, if you want variety from the visor/sunglasses thingy.

  2. I was bloghopping and stumbled into yours. This post is amazing! I’ve been so annoyed with my sentinel’s hooded appearance and baldness wasn’t an option – her hair is far too nice to be hidden all the time. I still hope that they will get the promised hood-toggle working one day, but until then, this is already so much better. I’m certainly going to try this myself.

    • Glad I could help! There *are* other oranges with the same basic style that will push the hood back – however they won’t have an augment slot. But you’ll be able to ADD an augment slot in 1.3, so snatch up any of these style headgear that strike your fancy. (they will push down the hood in preview too, so you can try before you buy)

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