I Hate Tharan Cedrax — 8 Comments

  1. When I met Tharan, I decided I was very happy to be a healer . . . It meant I did not have to bring him ANYWHERE, and I haven’t. Every so often, he’s managed to get a new piece of gear, but only when I had a stray thought like . . . “Oh, yeah, I guess Tharan could use this . . . not that he needs new gear . . .”

    I do like Holiday, however. Although she’s a holo, she feels somehow like a sister to my consular.

  2. My consular is a lady and Therans vile flirting, geek face fungus and computer-generated girlfriend make him the lest likely romance option in the game history. I think even Qyzen would be a better option. I get that he’s a tech whizz and sometimes behaves in a ‘geek stuck in a dark room for too long’ style, but my god, he’s loathsome. Some sort of Leonard/Sheldon hybrid might have been they way to go there. Theran is Wolowitz.

    • Yes! I like the term “vile flirting.” My husband’s consular is a no-nonsense older lady with gray hair. She’s even LESS amused by Tharan than my consular is.

      We joke that C2-N2 gets a restraining bolt for his incessant yabbering but there is no such device for Tharan.

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