Reverse Engineering Priorities: Bracers and Belt — 6 Comments

  1. Some day I am going to start a rant about how few brain cycles went into the overall design of the crew skills. I know they have plans to fix it, but it’s still so revealing about the people behind SWTOR.

    Positive thoughts: I managed to get my companion into almost all orange (besides bracer and belt) at level 30.

  2. Too true . . . In the process of trying to become Operations-ready, my biggest weaknesses were, naturally, my bracers and my belt. I bought purple bracers, but there simply weren’t any appropriate belts on the GTN! Zero, zilch, nada. Fortunately, I had enough PVP currency to pick something up for that slot, even though I wasn’t happy at the lack of crit. At least it was a level 50 upgrade.

  3. My Agent and Warrior have orange belts, but I’ve yet to find a pair of orange bracers. And I’m not willing to spend 200k credits on them either. So I definitely agree with you on this! I should start being less lazy about my reverse engineering and work on these things. Goodness knows I could use them myself.

  4. Don’t forget that you can get some orange belts at the Commendation Fleet Vendor in some of the social sets. Appropriate Social lever required of course.

    • Ah, that’s great for light armor users but I’m a medium armor wearer. One could argue that well, I should not be hit at all, so I’m free to wear less-armory armor. Which might technically be true, but as a healer at heart, I hesitate to do anything that might impact the healers, even slightly.

      • True, forgot they were all light armor. I found my Orange belt for my Trooper main the other day while playing my Smuggler alt. I was so grateful it was BOE instead BOP. Found on a low level elite on Coruscant of all places. After farming the Heroic Area in the Jedi Temple for an hour on my main looking for it.

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