Little Jedi’s Lightsaber — 8 Comments

  1. There are light saber suckers you can get for her that are blue. After the candy part is gone you can still use the hilt and case as a light saber. Dirty it up a bit so the light reflects within the case, glue it on top for safety, and she can easily dual wield those little suckers. /pun

    • Well they did have blue lightsabers at the store that did NOT light up. To me, this is unacceptable and lame. I mean… they HAVE to glow!

  2. We have a blue and a purple so that we can fight each other. My daughter has some sweet moves, like the one where she holds it out straight and spins towards me like a windmill.

    Definitely get a second one so duels can happen, otherwise she will need to beat on stuff to make the crashing noise, and that can only lead to bad. I tried to have her use the cat’s scratching post as a training dummy, but that was not enough for her, so the second lightsaber was purchased.

    • OMG she cracks me up all the time. The problem is stifling the laugh when laughing would be completely inappropriate or encourage inappropriate behavior… I lose parent cred in a big way when I can’t hold in the giggles.

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